Get Rich Rapping – 3 Ways To Make Money As A Rapper

Get Rich Rapping – 3 Ways To Make Money As A Rapper

Make Money As A Rapper
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Stuck trying to make money as a rapper? You’re not alone. It’s alarming how many artists are making music and promoting themselves but barely have enough money to maintain a quality of life. 

This is something that can be fixed though if you know how to make some extra cash and take action towards it. So in this post i’m going to share with you a handful of ways that a Smart Rapper can make some extra money.

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve heard of this before right? Affiliate marketing is selling somebody else’s product for a commission.

The scope of Affiliate marketing is crazy, you often get stories of people never having sold anything online, get into affiliate marketing and rake up over 100k in their first year.

How would you go about it?

Well listen, you’re not just a musician, there’s other things you have or are good at, so let’s say you’re into bodybuilding as well as music.

You would simply find a product about bodybuilding, become an affiliate for it and start sharing videos of yourself working out, on facebook and instagram and offer the link in the description (Of course that’s the simple version, but it’s a start.)

You can use a website like 

Which has plenty of products you can look into.

Content Sponsorship

If you’ve already managed to build up a strong subscriber/follow base (namely 5000+). You can get paid for making videos and posts about particular brands. Some offer over $1000 per piece of content.

It usually comes in the form of reviews, recommendations and/or using their product in your video.

Where do you start?

I recommend using Famebit

Famebit is a platform that creators and brands sign up to to make a connection. If you have 5000 followers on instagram, facebook, youtube or twitter you can sign up and make that connection.

You get a whole database of brands you can reach out to and sponsor, here’s a screenshot so you can see for yourself.


A Membership Product

Another way to make money as a rapper is by establishing your own membership service. A great place to start would be

What Patreon allows you to do is store exclusive content and other desirables in one place where your fans can sign up for a monthly fee.

Here you can offer an exclusive experience for your fans and connect directly with your most invested ones. 

It’s very simple, you sign up, set a price to join and then begin filling with content and freebies that the rest of the world don’t get to know about.

Not only are you building an income for yourself here. You are also doubling down on your best fans and building a stronger connection. Be A Smart Rapper and sign up immediately!


Ways To Make Money As A Rapper

So that was 3 Ways To Make Money As A Rapper and Get Rich Rapping in the process. I hope you utilize these and start developing an income alongside to finance your music career.

If you found this post helpful, please do share with your friends on social media!

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