The Difference Between Goals, Milestones & Objectives

The Difference Between Goals, Milestones & Objectives

Terminology can be very important in communicating not only to others but to yourself too, often we say the wrong words for what we really mean and often i see many people mixing up these three.

Let’s first break down what the words mean generally and then with examples.

Goals: Goals are an observable, measurable end result.


  • I will be a multi-platinum artist.
  • I will earn 100 million dollars.
  • I will be the go-to expert in the industry.

Milestones: Milestones are a significant stage or event in the development of something.


  • I will hit 5000 fan page likes.
  • I will sell 1000 beats.
  • I will get to 10,000 subscribers.

Objectives: Objectives are specific short term actions you will do to achieve your milestones.


  • I will network with 10 new people this week.
  • I will send my new song to 100 new blogs this week.
  • I will record 3 songs this week.

Goal setting will give you that crystal clear focus required to make every move you need make towards where you want to be in life, without a goal, what are we aiming for? nothing, we are running around in circles with no clear direction on what to do now let alone in the future. When we set milestones it not only is a motivation to us, it is also a chance to recognise what we are accomplishing but also a way to measure our progress and keep an indication of where we are and what we will have to do to reach what we feel is the next level for us, while our objectives will be what we do from right now all the way until our milestones to guarantee that we reach them.

While i mentioned that this article was to help you get your terminology right, thats true but i would also like you to make sure you have all three checked, and a nice list of things in each category so you can make sure that you are covering all bases.

Stay Blessed, From Ess.

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