Soulsik Society – The Refill

Soulsik Society – The Refill

If you’re in tight with me, you’ll already know the love i have for these guys. Oskeptical was one of my first solid beat clients and Klubba Lang is a producer who i’ve worked with for a while now, who always pushes the bar and his business to the next level. So it was a pleasure to see this release unfold and manifest into what it eventually became.


Soulsik Society – The Refill Review

So from the jump in ‘Forward Thinkers’ they set the tone alongside a feature from both King Kimbit & Buck Zero. All 4 collaborate to create a real head nodder, with a lot of content a lot of information and idea to digest. I already knew this was going to be a project for thinkers to listen to.

This vibe carries all the way through the EP, it’s very well structured and the MC that is Oskeptical really hits home on every verse. You could listen to Oskep for hours and come away from it smarter. Soulsik Society music makes you smarter. Not everybody can do that.

Klubba Lang is low key one of the best producers around. His instinct for blending sounds and styles together is second to none. He can really take a sample and work it in a way that has you scratching your head on how he did it. As a producer myself, i find it quite frustrating. (Fuck You Klubba!)

My favourite tracks…well this was difficult because of the value thats offered in every verse and the vibe created with every instrumental. So choosing favourite tracks was less – which track is better than the other and more – what is my personal preference?

For that reason i went with ‘Lost Em Too Early’. The whole vibe created with that one, is just incredible, also ‘Keep Me In’..for me that track was where Oskep really shined, the clarity and delivery on that track was phenomenal.

Soulsik Society – The Refill

If you didn’t download it yet, make sure to scroll up and click the picture above, you will not regret it!

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