#Shares4Promo: August 29th 2016

#Shares4Promo: August 29th 2016

So once again we are back to shoutout our dedicated supporters, if you don’t know already this is all about the people who like the Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/esskimogrr

The 5 people who share the content on that page the most in a week get FREE PROMOTION on GetRichRapping.COM!

Now i usually select 5 and i did this week, however i was waiting on some people to send their information and i said it was coming out today – and its today. The show must go on (I held on until 12am UK time, so technically its already tomorrow) Or is it the new today? Forget it lol…without further ado!


YoungVondo puts his heart and soul into his music . An artist/producer/promoter in Richmond Virginia, trying become one of the best in the music industry. As another member of Prime notion he wants to put his family and friends in a better position.

Just wanna thank him for his support through sharing the content on the page this week!

You can find his latest single with Prime Notion by CLICKING HERE

Choice Liberty

Choice Liberty is an Artist Songwriter and Podcaster. As part of his Journey he will be sharing with you the various lessons he learned throughout his life as well as his guests that will be featured on his show. FOR now you can check out his music on

You can connect with Choice on Instagram


Once again i’d like to thank you both for actively sharing the Esskimo content this week!!

As i say there were others that were supposed to be here but if you snooze you lose!

If you would like to feature on this website all you need to do is add the Esskimo page by clicking here

And making an effort to share the content on there, i pick 5 people every week to feature here as a thank you for the support!

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