Scout Verity – Brotherly Love (Beat Tape Review)

Scout Verity – Brotherly Love (Beat Tape Review)









So theres been a lot of movement going on over where Scout Verity is. The VT producer has been cranking out brand new instrumental work consistently. All at high calibre. What’s been most interesting is the way he’s decided to roll them out. Instead of uploading new beats and saying ‘check out my beats bruh’ he’s been creating real stories behind them.

His latest beat tape ‘Brotherly Love’ is based around beats he made in a timeframe where his brother and best friend was in the starting stages of moving on with his life to chase his dream. Now i wont take away the story telling from Scout Verity. I’ll let him tell you for himself:


He’s made a beat tape into a mini movie man. You don’t see that in the beat making world, so i love how he’s taken himself out of the box when it comes to creating a music product.

I love the beats on this one. He’s found a perfect balance between being minimalist, allowing artists a lot of space to be creative and making sure the beat has direction and enough going on. The drums have a very human feel throughout the project and the sounds add that new age feel but not getting too far away from the fundamentals that make hip hop production what it is.

I think the only thing missing is the right artists laying their interpretation over the top, but then as an artist yourself reading this…maybe that’s where you come in…

You can download your FREE copy when you CLICK HERE

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