How To Make Someone A Fan INSTANTLY

 How To Make Someone A Fan INSTANTLY

Ever wondered How To Make Someone A Fan INSTANTLY? I would be stating the absolute obvious when I tell you that you need to turn people you meet into your fans right?

I appreciate the game and so if someone shows me good game i’ll be a fan based off that. On the other hand no matter how talented someone is, if they don’t know how to play the game I don’t really want to know.

This is the case with most people even if they don’t recognize it. We pick up on peoples intelligence, we respect how they move. We respect how well they play the game even if we hide it behind a veil of hate.

On the contrary, if we talk to an artist that cant string a sentence together, with no professionalism or manners, it’s likely we won’t look to pursue any kind of relationship with them.

What sparked the idea for this blog post was a major lack of manners and professionalism that I encounter everyday. It’s my job to build relationships with artists and I do so actively.

I stay open to artists. I demonstrate the things i’m good at publicly and as such they will inbox me questions or for feedback. You would be surprised how many of them don’t say please or thank you.

Big woop, they don’t say thanks!

How To Make Someone A Fan

It might be a minor thing to many but for many of us manners and etiquette are important. OK some people may not give a shit whether we say please or thanks but we should have manners at all times because nobody is gonna turn around and say “he’s cool, but i don’t fuck with how polite he is, what a dick” however we might think you’re a dick if you’re not polite.

Of course the first impression will always be the first impression and people will always remember it but its possible to turn it around. Turning around a first impression though is a very difficult uphill battle. A battle that doesn’t need to be had when we can just make a good first impression instead.

So i’m going to share with you now, several ways to make a lasting good first impression and How To Make Someone A Fan.

Talk About Them

This one is rife! I went through a sample of my inbox this morning to collect some data. Only four artists out of the twenty messages I scoured hit me up to thank me for what I do. In fact only four of them made any reference to me at all. That means 80% of them hit me up to talk about themselves. I have a suggestion for those folks, go talk to a fucking mirror. We’re talking about How To Make Someone A Fan right?

Dialog is a two way street, we don’t want your unpersonalized links for a first message. We also don’t want to hear about how hot a rapper you are. You know what works? A simple background check, find something you have in common and hit them up about it. Instant rapport.

Build on from there and find a point in the conversation where it contextually makes sense to talk about your music. A good conversation is a piece of art and is very much appreciated, by everyone.

Do Them A Favour

If you had any idea how many people hit me up and ask for a favour when i’ve never had a single conversation with them, especially when they don’t say please. (I know, here he goes again manners police lol)

The real trick is to go out and do a favour for someone pre-emptively, buy something they’re selling or show love on the stuff they post. The perfect example for me is P The Politician. Anybody who knows me knows how much I sing that mans praises but it’s with just cause.

The first time we had a conversation he went and spent $150 with me. I’m not saying go out and spend money with anyone and everyone. Thats a quick way to go broke. I’m just saying if you want a relationship with someone, put something behind that. Show them you are not to be taken lightly.

Since that day i’ve known P is a factor, he’s not out here having meaningless conversation with folks, he’s letting people know he’s a factor.

It may not cost you any money, but sharing something of theirs or giving them feedback on something will do the trick. The best relationships are built on action. Which friends do you appreciate the most, the ones who hook you up with $20 when you’re struggling or your friends who smoke all your weed and call you for rides and don’t give you gas money in return?

Be Different

I know, vague as hell but hear me out. How often do you think people are approached by artists who want to make them fans? You may think you have the perfect line to get them to listen but trust me they have heard it all. You have to take a different approach, talk about things in a way they haven’t heard before.

Bring up interesting topics that you think most artist’s don’t discuss with potential fans, both in the inbox and on the newsfeed. As soon as you start saying the same thing every other rapper does, they’re going to put you in the same box. People are fans of extraordinary people. Don’t be basic and talk basic things with them. Show them the quality of your character.

I mean, these are just 3 things you can do. I could make another post like this if you would like. If so, please leave a comment below and let me know you want a part 2! Hope fully this has helped you learn more about How To Make Someone A Fan INSTANTLY.

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