How To Make Better Music (Most Artist’s Don’t Do This)

How To Make Better Music

As a musician i’m sure you often ask How To Make Better Music. Maybe you scroll through google and youtube and you find blogs and videos about perfecting the craft. Multi’s, entendres, rhymes inside rhymes etc. These are undoubtedly things that will make your music better. 

There’s one element however that I feel most of the content out there lacks and to me I feel like this aspect of How To Make Better Music transcends the others.

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How To Make Better Music

One thing I find most artists online lack is experience. Not experience within the craft but experience in life. Whilst they may have been through a lot, many of them have never travelled or surrounded themselves with different kinds of people. To me, that experience takes an artists to another level.

New vocabulary, new ideas, new settings, new stories, the ability to talk about thing that very few other artists can talk about or even think to.

See what most artists do is stay in the same setting for their whole lives. Same city, same neighbourhood, same people, same clubs, same everything. What this does is limit you to one place and one narrative. There’s only so many times we can hear the same story until we get bored.

The person who travels and experiences more from life can always draw from a variety of new inspirations to create something fresh and new.

Other Than How To Make Better Music


Life experience is also going to help you develop your character. This is a majorly neglected field especially in rap. This new experience, knowledge and wisdom is going to allow you to make better decisions in your life, based on alternative experiences.  This means that when you say, get interviewed for example you have a great much more to say and shed light upon.


Life experience is going to help you with marketing also. As you know video is a huge part of marketing online. Travelling and doing interesting things with your days provide ample opportunity to pull out your mobile phone and share the experience with your audience watching. It also allows them into your world and your lifestyle which will inspire them and build a stronger connection between you.


When your situation is the same all the time, you have less to look forward to. Not being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel is a huge knock to your motivation. However if you’re moving around all the time and having these new experiences, you will find motivation in everything. I remember when me and my team set a date to visit Miami, it kept me motivated all year, knowing that no matter what, I had something to look forward to.

In Closing…

Get out there and experience the world, have more to talk about and write about, enjoy your life more. This music grind doesn’t have to be all button clicking and being cooped up in the lab. Learn how to enjoy this hustle!

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