How To Get A Mixtape Buzz

How To Get A Mixtape Buzz

Whats good people.

So would you believe that some people spend months working on a mixtape, spending precious time & resources to make a quality product to take them to the next level…and they just release it like its any old random track, wasting everything they put into it for the mixtape to be lost to the internet, forgotten, leaving the artist feeling upset & angry after all that time and effort for nothing.

So seeing this so often i decided to do something about it, i know your time & energy is valuable so i put together this guide.

This guide cover’s is the run up to releasing it, the release of it & how to maintain the buzz afterwards, it has strategies to get people sharing for you, to get people to notice how you’re moving, how to announce things clearly, how to build up a buzz, i’ve covered a lot of the angles that artist’s are missing in 2015.

If you’re sick of wasting your time and energy to not get listened to click below



Also comes with FREE ‘Release Day Promo’
Where we will put it on this website and promote it several times for the day on all our social medias.

(Worth $20)

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