How To Find An Audience For Your Music (The Breakdown)

How To Find An Audience For Your Music

How To Find An Audience For Your Music
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Are you a musician that wants to know How To Find An Audience For Your Music? Well if so, you’re in luck because thats exactly what i’m going to break down for you in this blog post.

I’m going to take a wild swing and say you have been making music for several years now. Whilst you have put a lot of effort into being a musician, you haven’t built up the kind of audience that your hard work warrants, am I right?

That’s because musicians often go the absolute wrong way when it comes to securing an audience.

Many take the approach of ‘build and they will come’, the idea that you just make music and eventually people will show up.

Others take the approach of desperateness.

“Check me out, check out my new song, new song”

I’ve actually been asked ‘do you like music?’ as one self appointed genius of a rapper thought he was about to muster the sickest set up to a link drop. (When i asked him if he breathed oxygen I think it kind of went over his head…but anyway lol).

Some have the right idea, just their execution is lacking the sting.

How To Find An Audience For Your Music

Finding an audience for your music is not exactly what it sounds like, in fact if you want the real trick to building an audience online, you need to help them find you.

Now there are a variety ways to do this including an not limited to:

Content Marketing

Look, i’m a music marketing coach, how do I get you to know about me? I write dope articles like How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake & 3 Clever Ways Independent Rap Artists Are Making Money Online.

Both of those blog posts are ranking on the first page of google with thousands of people searching for them every month. When people search for them, they find me. When they find me I stand a chance of making a sale and/or gaining a fan.

Right now nobody is searching for your artist name in google. What they are searching for is solutions to problems you have been through and can provide value on.

Start Blogging!

If you created content for your ideal fans, the stuff they go through everyday, the things they like, the things they do, the clothes they wear they’re going to find you if you work on creating indexable content.

An artist friend of mine that goes by Tony Diamonds runs a sneaker blog ( Not only is he getting traffic and gaining fans everyday from people who came looking for sneakers, but he is also being recognised in his own right in the sneaker game. Double whammy!

Email Marketing

Email marketing works best alongside content marketing but is it’s own game nonetheless. It’s a great way to ‘funnel’ your potential fans. If you offer something for free to sign up to your mailing list you can then proceed to send a series of emails (on autopilot) to not only build relationships and create fans but also make sales!

This might be an alien concept to you and that’s fine because I actually have a course you can purchase that’s going to get you started with email marketing which you can find when you CLICK HERE

How To Find An Audience For Your Music

So there’s two methods for finding a music audience but now I want to share some general things that I want you to bear in mind.

It’s not about you.
That means, without your audience you have nothing. It’s a reminder that you need to put your audience first. What they want, you need to give them. We understand its your dream and your vision but neither works without a fanbase, learn to compromise, give your audience what it wants and you will end up with more room to do what you want to do.

Give Them Incentive

If you want a loyal audience you need to reward them. Just like most major brands and companies they offer a loyalty system with rewards. Now maybe you don’t set up an entire tier system but you need to be thinking of ways to incentivize and give things to your supporters that random joe doesn’t get.

Keep Your Ego In Check

Congrats, you’re building a fanbase, everybody is showing you love. Now is not the time to start feeling yourself too much. I see it so often. Someone applies what they’re learning to build a fanbase, it works and all of a sudden they’re Puff Daddy. Remember, it might take 50 updates to make a fan but only 1 to lose them.

You Will Have To Grind

When you’ve established yourself your content and word of mouth will bring people to you. In the beginning though, you’re going to have to build relationships from scratch one by one. I’m often spammed by people. When I get a link in my inbox I try to do my bit and give some advice, usually something along the lines of ‘If you build relationships with people they will be a lot more receptive to your music’. Which is met with the answer ‘I don’t have time for that’. Well you better find the time.

How To Find An Audience For Your Music

I hope this article has helped you out. Remember the points that I have made and learn how to apply them. Like I mentioned previously I do coach this stuff so if you’re ready to break some bread and double down on this stuff CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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