How To Blow Up Overnight

How To Blow Up Overnight

In a music industry where everybody wants to get that sweet taste of Instant Gratification everybody wants to know how to get your song to blow up.

I mean who doesn’t want to get famous overnight?

It’s very easy to become internet famous overnight, all you have to do is devalue yourself for other peoples entertainment. Whether you are the girl who ate a used tampon, the boy who claimed he had sex with Birdman, a single moment of self deprecation could be all you need.

If you value your brand, you will take a different approach.

If you look at the artists’ with prolonged success, you’ll notice something they all share, that is years of hard work and making the right connections. We knew about J Cole on a much smaller scale before he propelled to worldwide stardom, Kendrick was a familiar face who had featured with other West Coast artists before we got to know who he was.

It’s all based around a familiar saying; Easy Come, Easy Go.

This article isn’t going to give yo uthe master key for everything you need to do to blow up the right way, but hopefully it’s enough to make you’re think your approach. You’re here because this page is the top result for how to make your song blow up. So I already know you just want an instant answer, but it’s not that easy.

However if yo utake your time to go through the posts on this website you are going to find more and more pieces of the puzzle that is going to help you come up with your perfect formula for music success.


So folks, you never have to worry about #GRR hitting you up with the latest story about Kevin Gates having sex with his aunties dog, or Young Thug wearing a swimsuit on a holiday in Budapest.

No, let’s keep it focused on the music, the marketing and the business. Hope you can benefit from watching this video, make sure to subscribe to the youtube also, plenty more videos there too!

Stay Blessed, From Ess.

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