Why Everybody Hates Rappers (Let’s Be Honest)

Why Everybody Hates Rappers

Everybody Hates Rappers. Now while that is a sweeping statement, very generalist, there is a level of truth to it.

Producers hate rappers.
Engineers hate rappers.
Hell…rappers hate rappers.

What a negative way to start a blog post lmao. I’m gonna cut some slack though. It’s not like everybody literally hates rappers and it doesn’t mean all of you, it’s just a large number within rap that have given you guys a bad name. 

Why Everybody Hates Rappers

Now tell me if you’ve experienced this:

You’re minding your own business, checking your social media, looking to catch up with friends or have a laugh looking at some memes and you get a notification…So you stop what you’re doing, you head over to your notification, you see you have a comment.

What is this comment? Is it someone asking a question about something you’ve posted? Your friend has a hilarious reply to a meme you posted?



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Whilst I know this happens in many genre’s, in many professions and many industries. I’m here to help rappers because I have been on the receiving end of this for a long time as i’m sure almost everybody reading this has been.

I once spoke to a dude who started off making rock music but gradually transitioned into rap. In the conversation he asked me why are rap guys so mean? lol.

I asked him to elaborate and he told me every rapper he’s spoken to, shit’s on him, treats him like an idiot and expects him to be a fan of them.

This is a behaviour i’ve witnessed myself for years.

Self entitlement is giving rappers a bad attitude that they think is working for them but is actually working against them.

Why Everybody Hates Rappers

Everybody hates rappers because they think they deserve some shit that they don’t, they think they have done more work than they already have, they think their talent entitles them to succeed more than someone who puts in the work.

The very nature of rap is competitive and ego driven. These are the fundamentals, it’s not a bad thing, the greatest moments in rap have been ego driven and competitive.

We look up at rappers like:
Tupac: ‘That’s why i fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker’
Kanye West:
“I’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it”

I’ll limit it to these two quotes because we could reel them off all day!

We for the most part will accept both of these rappers arrogance.


They’re both rappers or were (R.I.P Pac) right? So why will we accept it from them, but not from you?

Because they actually achieved some shit bro.

Whilst generally human beings aren’t fans of arrogance, sometimes in life you come across people who are so decorated and have achieved so much that we can actually come to appreciate their arrogance.

As for Mc Thunderpants who just about got a mixtape together, has one 3gp music video & Gildan T with their name on it, maybe you should tone down the arrogance and recognise that you haven’t earned the right to act like you’re gods gift.

Which brings us back to the entitlement that rappers have. It’s ugly and it’s not what is going to get the respect of others unless you do it in an entertaining way or as a joke.

Why Everybody Hates Rappers

Whilst everybody who raps is technically a rapper, i’m mostly speaking to the people who are in the rapper bubble. I have the upmost respect for those rappers who operate as a brand and business, continually correct their mistakes, studying, experimenting and figuring out how do move through this space.

I think that ‘rappers’ would benefit from popping their own bubble and realising, actually they can be even more than the arrogant way they portray themselves. If they switched on to how they can be leaders, marketers, inspirational figures, comedians and the list goes on they would see a boost in their results all the way across the board.

Honesty I know there are some great rappers out there moving very professionally, very humble and generally doing their part and this blog post is irrelevant if i don;t take the time to salute you and encourage you to keep going on that way.

Whilst some of you may take some offence to this post and disagree wholeheartedly I want to end this on a point we can all agree on.

All of us can do better. From the richest man in the world to the poorest, we can ALL put in that extra effort, spend that extra time and go that further mile to improve out game and be better.

Why Everybody Hates Rappers

Whether you like this post or not, this is a reality that many of us experience. Rappers, live up to your talk, if you wanna be arrogant have something to back that up. That fake it until you make it shit is walking a very thin wire in 2017.

People can expose you faster than you can tell a lie.

You are a human being first, if you really want the kind of fanbase you feel you deserve, get out there and be a person of the people, not someone who is against them.

However you feel about this post, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below!


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