How To Build A Fanbase Like Eminem

How To Build A Fanbase Like Eminem

Are you one of many rappers who want to know How To Build A Fanbase Like Eminem?

Are you also one of the rappers out there, experiencing ‘Rap Problems”?

Rap problems serve nothing to your purpose of building a fanbase.

But wait, what’s the difference between rap problems and real problems?

Let me break it down in this video below.

See as I mentioned in the video, your fans have no affinity with your ‘rap problems’, so when you focus on them and them alone you lose your connection with your audience. In fact, treating your problems like they are rap problems will keep you trapped.

You need to solve these problems at a base real life level and it will reflect in your rap career.

Rap Problem: I have no support for my music.
Real Life Problem: I need to work on my ability to influence others.

Rap Problem: I need to find a way to get my music heard.
Real Life Problem: I need to work on my finances and study marketing.

As you can see, if I work on my ability to influence people, not only is that going to benefit my music career, but also real life also, at the board room, at work, when meeting new people etc.

If I work on my finances and how to market myself I am going to not only be able to do more with my music, but my life is going to be a lot easier and less of a struggle.

How To Build A Fanbase Like Eminem

See Eminem built an incredible fanbase off his real life problems, he was talking about things his audience could relate to:

  • Poverty
  • Being Poor
  • Family Issues
  • Discrimination
  • Infidelity

And the list goes on…

These are problems we all face at some point, this made him super relatable to so many people. 

Could you ever imagine Eminem logging onto social media to talk about how all his haters doubt him or how fake rappers are getting on? No he’d be posting real shit just like he does in his music.

Do whatever you can to be relatable to the potential audience of your music, just because you’re a rapper doesn’t mean you have to have anything to do with other rappers besides working, every time you address another rapper in a problematic way, you are putting yourselves on their level.

I’m going to leave you with this last little nugget.

You are only in the rat/rap race because you’ve put yourself in it.
You’re a person with a talent which just so happens to be rapping.
Doesn’t mean you need to be a ‘rapper’…
Just let that resonate.

I hope this article helped, if so please do share it with somebody else and of course leave a comment below and let me know what you thought!

– Esskimo

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