How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake

How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake

Want to know How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake? Its no secret that as far as rap goes. Drake is the number one artist right now and has been for a good few years. Touching audiences that other rappers/artists couldn’t on their best day, Drake has a formula that has seen him able to absolutely clean up.

I took some time to study and plan the dots from the beginning to end that drake has taken.  and n this blog post I am going to break down the formula Drake has used time and time again to amass a fanbase of epic proportion.

It start’s with watching this video.



How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake

The Female Formula

Drake has been very smart throughout his career to keep the narrative of his music directed towards the females. Whilst from time to time he might strap a 16 and kill a rap verse, when it has come to his major releases and hit songs, nine times out of ten they have been catered to the females.

For most men, they’re whole existence is based around females, where the females are they are trying to be.

Why do they want nice clothes? Females.
Why do they want nice cars? Females.
Why do they want a big house? Females.
Why do the want to be famous? Females.

While of course there are exceptions to the rules, majority speaking everything a man does is for females and knowing this is a strength.

Getting The Nightclubs Locked Down

Which clubs do we like to go to? Wall to wall men?
Nope, clubs full of females.
So if we make music for the women, that’s what they want to hear at the club.
When a club plays songs for the females, females show up.
When females show up, men show up by default.

So if you can get the women on side, you get the men to hear of you by default.

Let’s take a look at when he dropped back to back to go at meek mill. That was for the dudes, that gave us what we needed from him but then he immediately followed up with Hotline Bling a track which is almost entirely for the girls. The clubs were being set alight with both songs, pleasing both demographics.

The Who’s Who Formula

An important element of getting your name out there is boosting your profile. The easiest way to be more famous is to be around people more famous than you.

This works on many scales, hanging around the popular kids in school gets your name around your school. Getting around the popular kids in another school makes you popular in that school.

Drake is using this formula to tap into huge varied fanbases, from Hollywood Actors, to Sport Stars to Comedians.

In this picture you can see him alongside Kanye west, one of the most famous people in the world as well as Will Smith one of the most well known hollywood actors, not to mention Bruce Willis!

I’m kidding, it’s not Bruce Willis, I don’t know who that guy is, but he is definitely using the Who’s Who Formula lol

Like i said, this works at any level whether you’re a rapper on social media getting yourself around rappers with bigger names and social media clout or you’re going to shows with big names and managing to bag a picture with them. The who’s who formula is enough to get people asking questions about who you are.

How To Build A Fanbase Like Drake

So these are two very intelligent formulas Drake has used to build the huge fanbase he has. These can be used on any level it’s just a case of figuring out how you can use it on your platform to start generating a larger audience.

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