Artist Spotlight: Doughpresh Da Don

Artist Spotlight: Doughpresh Da Don

I always have time for authenticity in rap, not just in the sense of doing what they say in their music but in a mature sense. Artists that have come to terms with who they are, the responsibilities they have and the message they choose to put out there in the world.

That’s why i’m excited to introduce you to Doughphresh Da Don.
From Louiseville Kentucky, Doughpresh is making music for his people. The people who go through the same things as him, the people who live where he lives and how he lives.

Of course, this is universal, the same things go on in every hood and that’s why I believe his music has so much appeal.

He’s not trying to be something he’s not.

I can talk about it as much as I like but it’s not gonna mean anything until you press play to get a listen to what i’m talking about

This is music for people who need to be reminded of the realities that are hidden away behind catchy hooks and excessive drug use. This is music for the people who are a part of the game, who need reminding of the rules.


You can get his latest album Intelligent Ignorance here:

If you’re into the real shit you can keep up with him on:


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